Crafting the Perfect Administrative Assistant Resumé

The first thing an employer sees when you apply for a job is your resume. In order to make the best impression possible and set yourself apart from the thousands of other applicants, it’s important to frequently review and update your administrative assistant resume to reflect both the needs of the employer and any new skills you have acquired.

A resume is made up of several elements, aside from simply being a list of past workplaces. A resume is also a way to introduce yourself and your professional experience in a succinct, eye-catching manner. Think of a resume as a calling card. In order to spark an employers interest, you should craft your resume in a way that makes you look like what you are: a competent, organized administrative assistant with great experience and a diverse skill-set! The following tips will help you in crafting the perfect administrative assistant resume.

What To List

In order to write the perfect administrative assistant resume, gather up all of your credentials, reference letters, certificates, and past job descriptions. These will help you determine what information to include on your resume. As you complete new contracts and assignments, add the most relevant ones to your resume.

All resumes must start with the basics: contact information. List your full name and contact information, including an e-mail address.

The rest of your resume should cover information such as skills, credentials, education, and past work experience. Excellent skills to list are typing speed and computer capabilities. Many new applicants also list achievements and goals on their resumes. Don’t worry if you don’t have any yet; it’s not mandatory. You can choose to list your skill set below your contact information or after your work experience. Education should always be listed below work experience, unless you have just graduated from a program and have few past employers.

When you list your work experience, make sure to write concisely and explain any holes in your employment. List your work experience chronologically starting with the most recent position. You can either write a short sentence detailing your work experience or create a bullet point list. Either is acceptable, but keep resume length in mind. Many professional career advisors recommend keeping your resume to a single page. Less pages for an employer to look through means they can put all their attention on all your great experience.

Above all, your resume should be clearly written with no grammatical mistakes or typing errors. This is a great tip that is often disregarded. Administrative assistants must be excellent typists, writers, and communicators. A shabbily written resume demonstrated completely the opposite, no matter how extensive your experience.

Other Tips

You should always attempt to tailor your resume to match the duties specified in the employment ad. Simply sending a cookie-cutter cover letter and resume can give employers the impression that you didn’t read their advertisement fully or don’t really care about the job.

Some employers ask for references, usually 2-4, to be included on the resume. Keep two copies of your resume. One should have a list of references below your work experience. The other should have the phrase “references furnished upon request” or something similar to indicate the existence of reputable references.

If you are having difficulty finding an appropriate resume format, do a search for administrative assisting resumes. There are several different approaches to crafting a resume, with many examples available for viewing online. You should always use a format that showcases your skills and experience in the best possible light.