The Administrative Assistant’s Career Guide

As the Jack (or Jill) of all trades in the corporate office setting, administrative assistants play a central role. By overseeing inter-office communications and acting as gatekeeper to the company’s top ranking officers, administrative assistants ensure business can run smoothly and productively. This site will give you an overview of business office administration, with resources for schools, careers and other valuable advice.

Considering an Administrative Career?

The first place to look for training is one of the many skill-based education programs available at local colleges and career institutes.

Find Out More About Administrative Assisting

Discover the career where brains meets balance.

Administrative assistants hold on of the most in-demand positions in the modern office. The largest number of job openings in the business world is for administrative assistants, according to the US Labor Bureau. As the economy improves and businesses take on more ambitions projects, more administrative personnel will be needed throughout the industry to handle additional company needs.

Besides overseeing communications and the flow of information within a company, administrative assistants act as gatekeeper to executives, CEO staff and board members. By controlling scheduling, purchase decisions and other time-consuming tasks facing executives, administrative assistants make sure the company’s time and resources are spent as effectively as possible. Smart judgment and an organized disposition are two of the most important qualities an administrative assistant can possess, and assistants who prove reliable stand out for promotion and further advancement.

By learning the necessary professional skills through a qualified training program, you are preparing yourself for a successful, stand-out administrative career.